Synthesis and Property of Porphyrin Complexes with Hydrogen Bond Sites

Synthesis of the Metal Complexes with Schiff Base Ligand and its Structure

Synthesis and Property of Metal Complexes for Understanding the Function of Metalloenzyme

Synthesis and Properties of Coordination Polymer with Metallocene Units

New Coordination Polymer with Dynamic Channels Which Responds to Temperature Variation

Metal complexes often demonstrate unique functions that are not found in their components, i.e. metal ions and organic materials.  Their typical examples are observed in active centers of metalloproteins, initiators for polymerizations, and asymmetric catalysts. 

Particularly, mechanisms of the unique functions of many metalloenzymes are still unclear in the essential parts.  One of the most attractive points of research about metal complexes is that this field is not well explored, and there are fascinations in that we find the new principles and laws of science.

New findings observed in this laboratory are attributed to under graduate students and graduate students who became aware of the essentially new phenomena.  I would like to thank them for their careful and energetic experiments.  I hope that we will develop our unique science. 

Prof. Dr. Mitsuru Kondo


Research Theme


Synthesis of molecular capsule for ClO4- removal from aqueous solution.