Synthesis of the Metal Complexes with Schiff Base Ligand and its Structure

The Schiff base (SB) is organic compound with imine frame that contains a carbon-nitrogen double bond, and the metal complexes with the SB ligands play important roles in industrial fields such as adsorption of small molecules, and catalysis for olefin epoxidation.


A functional group or chemical compound containing
    a carbon-nitrogen double bond.

On the other hand, since the synthesis of SB is relatively easy, it is not so hard to control the structure of either SB ligands or metal complexes. For example, as the active center model of metalloenzyme, the SB complex is also useful to clarify their functions, which concern various reactions in living bodies.

Also, we adopted the bidentate SB ligand, which is designed to have the site where it could coordinate to two distinct metals, and finally succeeded in the synthesis and structural characterization of new tetracopper(II) complex.

The function of these SB complexes usually has been studied in the solution state. However, if we could use them in the solid state, it would make a great advantage as new catalysts, which can be easily collected and recycled.

We focused on the SBs with various structures and used it to study the synthesis and characterization of new functional solid compounds by controlling the structure of the metal complex.

Total structure of Ni salen complexes    combined by hydrogen bonds

Cu salen complexes which have hexanuclear structure

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