Synthesis and Property of Metal Complexes for Understanding the Function of Metalloenzyme

Metal complexes in the center of metalloenzymes show unique functions such as catalysis, electron transfers, and oxygen fixations.  The metal complexes are, in many cases, iron, copper, and molybdenum complexes that are surrounded by amino acid residues.

This reconstruction results in the readsorption property against small molecules.  The structural change also accompanies the color change, which is useful for visual monitoring of the structural changes.

Overall structure of the protein contributes on the appearances of their unique functions in creations of hydrophobic circumstances around the active sites, stereo selectivity against substrates, and control of coordination geometry of metal complexes.

We have focused on the functions caused by the polymeric structures of proteins, and synthesized the new metal complexes that mimic the active centers of metalloenzymes.  We designed and proceeded the synthesis of metal complexes by imidazole-carboxylate type bridging ligands, which have bio-relevant coordination sites.

Metalloenzyme Model

Unique porous framework  bound by bridging ligands

For example, we have isolated and characterized a new nickel complex with imidazole-4-acetate (ima). This complex shows a unique porous framework that is useful for adsorption of small molecules.  As a novel function, we have found that the channel structure is decomposed on heating to yield amorphous.  Moreover, the initial porous structure is recovered by contact with methanol vapor.

Vacuum dehydration



Crystal state

Amorphous state

Structural change upon heating and

recrystallization in contact with methanol

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