Synthesis and Properties of Coordination Polymer with Metallocene Units

The metallocene is a compound consisting of two cyclopentadienyl anions (Cp) bound to a metal center. It shows high redox activity, and the two cyclopetadienyl anions could freely rotate around the center. Since it is a molecule unit with a flexible structure, it is widely utilized for the synthesis of new functional multinuclear complexes.

Aside we synthesized a macromolecular solid where cobaltocenedicarboxylic acid (CCDC) bridges metal ions, and found that it showed high redox activity.

A number of studies have focused on ferrocene (FeCp2), which is one of metallocenes but has iron for its core instead. On the other hand, few research has been done about cobaltocene nor ruthernocene, which have cobalt/ruthenium as the center metal.

We are interested in the redox activity of metallocene and succeeded in obtaining the nano-scale 13 nuclear manganese complex from the synthesis of ferrocendicarboxylic acid and manganese acetate, which in turn led to the finding that this complex showed redox activity and six electrons made a simultaneous movement.

Also, we have interest in the fact that cobaltocene and ruthenocene show different redox activity from that of ferrocene, and are challenging to synthesize a novel coordination polymer with new redox activity or high redox catalytic ability.

Structure of 13 nuclear Mn complex

Structure of coordination polymer, which is comprised of copper(II) ions and bridging ccdc ligands

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